NBA YoungBoy Shooting Can Be Added in Lit Yoshi’s Attempted Murder Trial

A judge ruled on Thursday that Lit Yoshi’s alleged involvement in a deadly May 2019 shooting in Miami, that targeted rival artist NBA YoungBoy, can be included in his attempted murder trial. The Baton Rouge artist’s charges stem from two separate shootings in April and July 2020.

According to reports, recorded prison phone calls between Yoshi and an incarcerated TBG (Top Boy Gorilla) member place the rapper in Miami the day of the shooting as well as on the street where the shooting took place.

State District Judge Tarvald Smith has also allowed prosecutors to tell jurors about Lit Yoshi’s alleged involvement in a June 2019 drive-by shooting, a video he posted on YouTube last March in which he called a witness to the incident a “rat,” and a shooting last April in Slidell in which that witness was a victim.

East Baton Rouge Parish Assistant District Attorney Stuart Theriot argued that the ongoing feud between NBA (Never Broke Again) and TBG is the common theme in all of the shootings. In the past, law enforcement has referred to both groups as gangs.

Yoshi’s lawyer, Ron Haley, plans to appeal the judge’s ruling because the 22-year-old rapper has not been arrested for the Miami shooting or the Slidell shooting.

However, Theriot insists that in order for the state to “complete our whole story,” the shootings need to be mentioned to clearly state the motive for the shootings Yoshi is on trial for. He added that the feud between NBA and TBG intensified in 2017 following Gee Money’s murder. NBA YoungBoy associate Deandre Fields was arrested in June 2019 for Gee Money’s murder before being indicted on a second-degree murder charge last month.

Lit Yoshi is accused of shooting Fields in April 2020 and participating in another shooting months later in July. Both shootings resulted in three adults and two children being injured.

Lit Yoshi has been charged with seven counts of attempted first-degree murder and is currently out on a $1.82 million bond. Attempted first-degree murder carries a prison term of 10 to 50 years.

Source: The Advocate

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