R. Kelly Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19, Receives 2nd Vaccine Dose in Prison

R. Kelly has been sitting in jail as he awaits his trial for sex crime charges and has been trying to get released on bail the entire time he’s been locked up. However, the artist has been labeled a “flight risk” after reports surfaced noting he and his team were planning on leaving the United States. The singer has tried to use COVID-19 as an excuse to be let out of jail, but now it seems that will no longer be a card he can play, as Kelly has reportedly received the coronavirus vaccine.

The Bureau of Prisons noted that R. Kelly was included in 63 inmates at the MCC that were fully vaccinated, along with 128 staff members. The singer reportedly received his second dose of the vaccine recently after getting the first shot in January 2021. This comes after Kelly tried to be released from jail twice for COVID-19 concerns. R. Kelly’s trial is scheduled for September 2021. Stay tuned for more updates.

source: TMZ

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