Eddie Murphy Recalls Being Forced to Cast White Actor in ‘Coming to America’


Eddie Murphy continued his media run for Coming 2 America by appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Joined by co-star and friend Arsenio Hall, the two detailed their decades-long friendship and offered some stories about Coming to America and its upcoming sequel.

While speaking about various cast members from the classic comedy, Kimmel asked Murphy and Hall how Louie Anderson ended up in the original film. According to the two comedians, they were forced by Paramount Pictures to cast a White actor.

“I love Louie but I think we were forced to put Louie in it,” Hall responded about eight minutes into the interview. “No, I think we were forced to put a White person.”

“Yeah, Paramount was like…because the whole cast was Black and this was back in the 80s, so it was like ‘We have to have a White person, there has to be a White person in the movie!'” Murphy added. “[We were like] ‘What?’ So, who is the funniest white guy around right now? And then Louie, we knew him and was cool with him, so that’s how Louie got in the movie.”

Murphy continued by pointing out that Anderson is “still really funny.” Hall also said he and Eddie Murphy were given a list of “three White guys” from the studio but declined to name who the actors were.

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