Bow Wow Get’s At R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife For Appearing on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: ATL’


Bow Wow remains at odds with R. Kelly’s ex-wife, Drea Kelly, after he fired off a tweet against his Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta castmate.

For no publicly known reason, Bow Wow questioned why she was apart of the reality show’s cast while seemingly encouraging her to consider her response by claiming he was her boss.

“Why is drea kelly even on #guhhatl shes like 62 and her only claim to fame is well…. and how long you gone ride that wave? just saying. Dont forget im your boss,” the rapper tweeted.

This isn’t the first time Bow Wow has spoken out against Drea Kelly. During a 2019 episode of the reality show, he refused to meet her and called her a liar for her appearance on Surviving R. Kelly.

“I don’t know her to say anything bad about her but just by watching that documentary, I’m just like…I’m cool…I’m about my brand,” Bow Wow said at the time. “I don’t want to be associated with pictures with nobody that got anything to do with what’s going on with all of that. I’m cool. No surprise pop-ups. None of that. If R. Kelly’s ex-wife comes, I’m gonna ask her about the documentary. I got questions. How much y’all got paid to lie on that man?”

Drea Kelly has not responded to Bow Wow’s tweet.

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