Fivio Foreign Denies Sexual Assault Allegations


Update 03/03/2021 8:41pm:

Fivio Foreign’s team reached out to The Shade Room on Wednesday evening to address the sexual assault allegations put forth by a woman known as Zendi. According to The Shade Room, Fivio’s “team denies the accusations, and alleges that the young woman in question is dating Fivio’s dancer.” His reps told the outlet that the allegations are completely unrelated to him. They also mentioned that the Brooklyn rapper doesn’t carry a gun on him after his accuser alleged guns were present.

Original 03/03/2021 2:30pm:

A Brooklyn woman accused Fivio Foreign of sexual assault during a recent Instagram Live session.

The woman, known as Zendi, claimed the rapper forced himself on her at a party and stuck his finger inside of her without her consent.

“I’m in a room, he comes in the room, he locks the door,” Zendi said. “This s*** is not funny. We’re laying down and he starts touching me. I’m like, ‘Get off of me.’ I’m screaming but the f****** music is so loud, I was screaming my friend’s name, but the music was so loud nobody could hear me. He sticks his fingers up me, I’m like, ‘Yo, this feels like rape.’ He’s like, ‘B**** I will rape you right now.'”

She claimed the alleged attack stopped once the music was off and their respective friends entered the room.

A friend of the accuser corroborated her claims in a series of Instagram Story posts. The friend claimed they were invited to an afterparty after meeting Fivio Foreign at a strip club. She said that once her and Zendi were ready to leave, they were assured they’d be driven back to their car but waited two hours and were not provided an address once they attempted to call an Uber.

“So now the music is blasting mind you!! (it’s a [so-called] party),” the friend wrote. “I hear my friend yelling Laquel come here I go run to her she laying down Fivi is touching her on top her yelling he will rape her!! Now I go and start trying to get him off her now it’s two boys in a room with big a** guns saying opp thots they will violate us get out get out.”

Fivio Foreign has not responded to the allegations. View the above to hear the accuser’s full story.

Source: VladTV

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