Too Short Says Drake Stopped Returning His Calls After 13 Billboard Awards


Drake has paid homage to the Bay Area at multiple points in his career, but one of the region’s primary pioneers says he can no longer get in touch with the rap superstar.

Having once had a direct line on the Canadian star, Too Short told E-40 and HipHopDX that getting in touch with Drake became more difficult after he took home over a dozen trophies at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017.

“I was really focused on being on that Drake vibe, and I was just about to do a song with Drake,” Too Short revealed. “I feel like it might have happened, and then he got the 13 Billboard Awards, and nobody answered the phone anymore. I was like, ‘F***.’ I ain’t call too many times. I just fell back like, ‘Damn. I missed the window.'”

E-40 responded by telling his Bay Area peer that a collaboration is still possible if Too Short releases a hit record that Drake wants to feature on or provide a remix verse to, highlighting Drake’s tendency to hop on records that are already buzzing.

“You know what it is? Short, let me tell you something. If Drake was out when ‘Blow the Whistle’ first came out going crazy or ‘Tell Me When to Go,’ he would have been on the records.” E-40 said. “We had a relationship with him. We was cool. We would have been like, we send this over, he would have got on it right away because he get on hot s***. He get on n****’s s*** that’s hot. You know what I’m saying? We catch one, I’m sure he’d get on that. Drake roll with me. I f*** with Drake.”

Too Short didn’t take the lack of a Drake feature personally, but still expressed his desire to work with him due to the quality of his music.

“It ain’t just that it’s Drake, though,” Too Short said. “It’s like what the music that comes from him and his producers. They like some good a** music, man. I’m like, I wouldn’t just mind being part of one of them damn songs at some point.

Source: HipHopDx

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