Victim Claims She’s Being Intimidated Over Nicki Minaj’s Husband’s Rape Case

A woman who was allegedly raped at knifepoint by Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty in 1994, when she and Petty were both 16, has spoken out to The Daily Beast about being intimidated over the case.

Speaking about the 1994 incident, the woman, using only her first name, “Jennifer,” says that she immediately reported the incident, but she adds that her adoptive mother told her, “Sorry you got raped, but you should have screamed.” She also adds that Petty’s parents told her family that she and Petty were dating, which she denies. Jennifer added, “My family allowed his mother and father to take me to go see a district attorney and pretend like [they were] my aunt and uncle. I think I kind of always just felt like people wanted me to be a liar.”

Jennifer didn’t recant her statement, despite her and her family being severely harassed, and she moved to Florida as the case proceeded. Petty was later convicted of first-degree rape in the case and has had to file as a level 2 sex offender after his release.

Since Petty’s 2020 arrest for failing to register as a sex offender after moving to California, Jennifer says she is being harassed again by alleged associates of Minaj and Petty to write a letter to a judge recanting her claims that she was raped by Petty. She also denies Minaj’s claims that she ever wrote such a letter.

In one instance, Jennifer says her estranged brother told her “a man named Jamie from New York had called their cousin in North Carolina, offering $500,000 if Jennifer spoke with a lawyer representing Petty.” Another time, her brother’s close friend “offered her $20,000 in cash if she agreed to sign a letter he’d typed that stated she’d lied about her assault.”

In a Facebook video, Jennifer’s daughter, Kenya, recalls witnessing the incident involving the $20,000, stating, “I’m pulling up, and I’m witnessing a motherf**ker putting 20 f**king bands, cash, on my mother’s lap. Trying to ask my mom to write a letter. 20 bands? Like, are you serious? My mom put it right back.”

Jennifer states that her brother and his friend were interested in helping Minaj and Petty because the friend wanted Nicki to appear at his daughter’s 16th birthday party. Jennifer says her brother wanted Nicki to do a promotional walk-through at a club and split the profits with their cousin.

Jennifer revealed that she moved several times in 2020 due to the harassment, and she stated that she has been in contact with the U.S. Marshals in recent months, who informed Jennifer that a “high-profile case” with evidence is allegedly underway involving Petty. The investigation was reportedly sparked following Petty’s 2020 arrest.

During the extensive article, Jennifer also spoke about receiving a call from Minaj herself. Jennifer states that it seemed like Minaj and Petty wanted to discuss some kind of non-disclosure agreement, and Nicki allegedly offered to fly Jennifer to Los Angeles or to fly her publicist out to Atlanta. Jennifer then recalled telling Nicki, “Listen. I just need you to know, woman to woman, this really happened.” She adds that the number Nicki called her from was later disconnected and they never spoke again.

The story then revealed that Jennifer has retained legal counsel and moved once more for her privacy and safety. Jennifer then closed by speaking about her hope for the future, “For people out in the world to know that you can’t do stuff like this and get away with it. And for women who have been abused, for women who have been assaulted, for them to not live in fear of speaking their truth. No matter who the person is.”

Source: The Daily Beast 

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