Furious Five Member Kidd Creole Breaks Silence on 2017 Murder Charge

Kidd Creole, an original member of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, is finally giving his side of the story since being charged with murdering a homeless man in 2017.

The 61-year-old Hip Hop pioneer was charged with second-degree murder after stabbing 55-year-old John Jolly twice in the chest. Kidd Creole, real name Nathaniel Glover, denied reports that he’s a “homophobic rapper” who killed the registered sex offender in a fit of rage and has claimed self-defense.

“They basically portray me as the villain when I was the one just walking down the street minding my business,” Glover said. “I had no intention when I left my house that night to do anything harmful to anybody, for any reason.”

According to Glover, Jolly attempted some form of a pick-up before Glover tried walking away multiple times as Jolly got increasingly aggressive in his approach. Surveillance footage reportedly supports Glover’s story, but the violent moment is out of the camera’s view. However, Jolly walks back into the frame and returns to drinking his beer, showing no sign of suffering a deadly attack.

Documents also indicate that Jolly had several confrontations that evening. According to a Source article, Jolly was “displaying erratic and combative behavior toward paramedics called to assist him. Medical reports show when admitted to Bellevue hospital, Jolly had a semi-circular laceration to his head; an injury not there when he had his run-in with Glover, indicating some incident afterward. It was further reported that Jolly continued such volatile behavior once admitted to Bellevue and was administered a sedative, after which Jolly’s heart stopped and he expired.”

Glover says his initial statement to detectives, where he disclosed his initial impression that Jolly was hitting on him (which was a perception that quickly changed), was twisted by the Assistant District Attorney in order to charge him with murder.

“I think they took that narrative in order to justify charging me with murder,” Glover claimed. “Because if you look at the prosecutorial line that they’re trying to take right now, they’re not even saying anything [like that]. Now they’re taking the [position] that he was basically standing on the side of a building minding his own business, then I walked by, pulled a knife, and started assaulting him. They made me seem like I was the villain and the person who actually attacked me was the victim. How do they justify charging me with murder when this guy attacked me?”

Since his August 2017 arrest, he’s yet to have a trial and is on his third public defender. LL Cool J and Fat Joe paid for his first attorney who represented him for one calendar year, but only met with him twice and missed eight court dates.

“I’m suffering,” said the Hip Hop pioneer who first coined the phrase “Yes yes y’all.” “I’m locked in a room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, day in, day out, not knowing what my fate is going to be because my case is dragging on. It’s very difficult for me right now.”

Source: The Source

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