Ralo Speaks on People Who Told on Him to Get Their Time Cut


Previously, Ralo took to Instagram to plead for a second chance along with a fair trial amid his federal drug case. Now, the storied rapper has sent another message via IG, this time revealing that he had people who were close to him that told on him to get possible jail time they are facing reduced.

Ralo said “IDK HOW TO WRITE OR SAY THIS BUT IMA JUST GET IT OFF MY CHEST. I BEEN DEALING WITH A BATTLE WITHIN MYSELF. KNOWIN THAT MY MANS AN THEM THREW ME UNDER BUS TO GET THEM A TIME CUT.” He continued saying the situation caused him pain, and that he wanted to put “all this police a** s**t” behind him.

From there, he noted that he forgives all of the people who told on him, and begged that they don’t say his name to the police again. Along with that, he requested that the people who told on him be able to live their lives in peace. Take a look above.


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