Texas Cop Accidentally Shoots Baby While Engaging Carjacking Suspect


A one-year-old baby is in the hospital recovering after he was shot in the head by a stray bullet from an officer’s gun. According to reports, the officer was engaging a carjacking suspect when he opened fire and accidentally struck the infant who was in the backseat of his mother’s car at a local gas station while she pumped gas.

The carjacking suspect was fatally wounded during the exchange. Authorities say the officer, identified only as E. Garza, didn’t realize the infant was in the backseat.

“The most important thing right here is, for our entire city, to pray for this 1-year-old and that mother,” said Troy Finner, executive assistant chief for Houston’s police department. “Can you imagine? She’s pumping gas, probably coming from work or whatever… and has to go through this. And now she’s in the hospital and we’re all praying for that baby,” Finner said during yesterday’s presser.

The baby is currently in stable condition.

Source: youtube.com

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