Big U Says He Rejected Quando Rondo’s Call for Help After the King Von Shooting


Coming off the heels of their docuseries, Hip Hop Uncovered, Big U and Bimmy joined The Breakfast Club to speak on the street’s influence in Hip Hop and much more.

While explaining why young rappers should check in with seasoned street veterans, the former Crips leader revealed that Quando Rondo recently contacted him for help. While the Georgia rapper was cleared of any wrongdoing in the shooting that resulted in King Von’s death, he’s still reportedly facing heat from rivals.

Despite Quando Rondo’s alleged Crip affiliation, Big U said he turned down the rapper’s request for help because young artists tend to only reach out to OGs when there’s a problem that needs to be solved. Big U added that rappers will often claim a set but don’t show support to the neighborhood until they need a favor.

“They got your number, they know who you is, but they feel like they bigger than the program,” Big U said. “You got a lot of dudes that claim my neighborhood that’s in this music s*** but they don’t really f*** with us until it’s a problem, and then they calling. Like Quando Rondo. I just showed Envy, like, you can’t call me now. You can’t call me when the fire hot. You didn’t f*** with me before that. You had my number, you could have called me, you could have did all that. He was around and about but how is that fair to me and how is that fair to our team?”

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