Jalen Rose Responds to Rafer Alston Calling Him a “Terrible Teammate”


Queenzflip recently interviewed former NBA player and streetball legend Rafer Alston. The NBA guard, also known as Skip To My Lou, detailed his basketball career and included some harsh remarks towards former teammate Jalen Rose in the process.

“Him and I didn’t get along,” Alston said. “I love Jalen Rose as a man. He’s a terrible teammate.”

The former AND1 player highlighted that during their time on the Toronto Raptors, Chris Bosh was an ascending star and Jalen Rose was the second option. Despite averaging nearly 20 points per game, Alston said Jalen Rose was a malcontent and could have a negative impact on the team if he didn’t get his way.

“Jalen want the ball every time,” Alston continued. “And if he don’t get the ball, he not trying to play defense, he’s not trying to do all these things. I don’t like that, man.”

Alston said he was so turned off by Rose’s behavior that the coach called a meeting between the two after Alston refused to pass the ball to Rose during their game against the Charlotte Bobcats. However, Alston noted that Rose was a pleasure to be around off the court and that the two were friendly towards one another when they ran into each other at a restaurant.

Jalen Rose responded to Alston’s comments on his ESPN show, Jalen & Jacoby, after applauding his former teammate for making it into the NBA as a streetball player and securing a big contract during his career. Rose confirmed Alston’s remarks and stated that the poor performance of the team led him to display a negative attitude.

“I detect no lies,” Rose responded. “If we were struggling — and I’m pretty sure, based on what he said on our squad, we were — yeah, I detect no lies.”

Rose added that his competitive nature could possibly turn teammates off, especially if the team was struggling. He also stated this his friendly, off-the-court persona is very different from the personality he displayed while playing competitively.


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