9lokkNine Released from Jail After Multiple Attempted Murder Charges


Orlando rapper 9lokkNine is already getting back to the music after being released from jail earlier this week. The rapper has been relatively silent since his release, but recently dropped a new song titled, “No Worries.”

News broke of the rapper’s release after a friend posted a photo with 9lokkNine, along with a caption that read, “Ding don’t my blooda home p****.”

9lokkNine was previously charged with five counts of attempted murder for a string of violent crimes that occurred in his hometown last year. The FBI accused the rapper of being involved in a gang war that claimed the lives of five individuals including two teenagers and a three-year-old, who were all innocent bystanders.

He was also accused of shooting into an Orlando home this past July while a woman was inside with her children. No one was injured but investigators claim the 20-year-old rapper was targeting another rapper, with one witness stating, “9IokkNine wants to be the only rapper coming from Orlando.”

Stay tuned as more details are made available surrounding his release.


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