Jack Thriller Recalls Getting Smacked Up By Jeezy’s Bodyguard for Stealing $6,500


Jack Thriller revealed during an interview in Atlanta that he narrowly escaped Jeezy’s crew after stealing $6,500 from the rapper.

“It is 2006 and we at Onyx, Cheshire Bridge Rd. It’s Jeezy’s video shoot. The video is called, ‘Throw [This] Money,'” Thriller started. “I heard what the video was called but I didn’t understand the concept that you really got to throw the money.”

The comedian recalled being by the stage where there were about “100 girls.” He said he witnessed Jeezy and his crew throwing $100 bills so he joined in believing the money was fake. However, he second-guessed his participation once he realized the money was real.

“I took a little bump of cocaine,” he continued. “I said ‘I’m not leaving out of here without this money.’ I started stuffing my pants full.”

Thriller said he disregarded his friends’ warning about pocketing the cash and was soon catching the attention of Jeezy’s crew.

“Every goon, every thug was in there eyeballing the f*** out of me,” Thriller said. “And I’m eyeballing them too like, ‘N**** why y’all not doing what I’m doing?’ They apparently don’t want this f****** money.”

After his friends warned him again, he stated that he was willing to risk getting killed. Once the music video continued with the next take, Thriller attempted to make his exit until he was stopped by Jeezy’s bodyguard. The two began to trade words until the bodyguard began smacking the comedian. According to Thriller, he hit the bodyguard back in the chest and ran away.

Once outside of the strip club, Thriller recalled running until he realized no one was following him. He said he hid in a bush and called 85 South Show co-host Karlous Miller to pick him up.

He added that he had to shoot a video for Jeezy the following week and decided to show up despite stealing the rapper’s money. He said once he arrived, everyone laughed at the shock of him actually showing up.


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