Plies Takes Blaim For Video of Kirk Franklin Cursing Out Estranged Son


Update 03/14/2021 5:04pm:

Previously, footage surfaced of Kirk Franklin cursing out his estranged son. The tense footage found Franklin saying he was going to put his foot in his son’s a**, and also found him using less-than-kind words for their strained relationship. Now, Plies, who is commonly joked about as a doppelgänger for the gospel legend, has responded to the video of Franklin going off.

Via Twitter, Plies said “That was NOT my dawg on that phone that was me!!! #ITakeFullResponsibilityForThoseActions.” From there, he fired off another tweet saying “I gotta put my dawg on the album now 4real!!!! He sounded just like me on that phone bih!!! 😂😂😂 #aintnoneofusperfect.”

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