Anita Baker Tells Fans to Boycott Her Music in Effort to Reclaim Her Masters


Legendary R&B singer Anita Baker recently asked her fans to boycott her music as she battles with her label for the right to own her masters.

Baker took to Twitter and revealed that she outlived her contractual obligations and was legally entitled to reclaim her masters. However, she claimed the music company is not letting her retrieve ownership of her master recordings and expressed that she was prepared to engage in a legal battle.

“Miraculously… i have out-lived *ALL, of my Artists Contracts,” she wrote. “They no longer ‘Own’, My Name & Likeness. And, by Law…30 yr old, Mstrs are 2B Returned, 2 Me. Unfortunately, They’re gonna make me Fight 4 it. I’m Prepared, 2 do that. Please Dont advertise/buy them ABXO.”

The songstress also spoke out against streaming platforms when one fan said they’d dedicate a Spotify playlist to her.

“Hello Sweetheart,” she responded. “Thank You 4 Sending Me Your Love. But, let’s not Advertise Spotify Streaming, which is a Publicly Traded Company with a $50 [Billion] Valuation… but doesn’t pay Artists/Creators what they’re Worth. ABXO.”

Baker continued by breaking down how artists are paid from streaming, writing, “Correction. 2020 Streaming rate: $0.003 – $0.005, [which is] 1/3 – 1/2 A PENNY Per Stream for Artists minus… *fees *taxes *ect. ect. They need to leave me alone fr.”

Anita Baker has won eight Grammy Awards and has five Platinum albums and one Gold album.


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