O.J. Simpson Defends Deshaun Watson, Speaks on Derek Chauvin Case


Deshaun Watson has been in the news after it was revealed that he was being accused of sexual assault by several women. Since then, Watson has denied the allegations against him.

Now, O.J. Simpson has taken to Twitter to give his take on the situation with Watson, as well as comment on the Derek Chauvin case. While Simpson was in defense of Watson, he had some words for Chauvin, essentially telling him not to complain about the venue’s location, and “let the legal system work.”

Simpson said “I’m a little depressed about the Deshaun Watson situation, it appeared to be more about money because he’s been charged in more civil case than a criminal case. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out but I hope it turns out right. I think you need to let these things go through the system. Him, Cuomo. all of these things. Watch above.

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