Saweetie Responds to Rapper Ray Vaughn for Clout Chasing


Recently, news surfaced noting that Saweetie and Quavo split after Saweetie alleged that Quavo was cheating on her. Since then, everyone has had their take on the matter, and people have even gone as far as trying to post photos of themselves with both rappers as speculation rises on who each one will move on with next.

One Los Angeles rapper named Ray Vaughn took to Instagram and posted a video of him and Saweetie, which was the first time she was seen since the breakup was revealed. Many speculated that she was with Vaughn as more than friends, but Saweetie quickly made it clear that was not true.

On the video, Vaughn posted the caption “got 1 in the vault.” Saweetie chimed in with her thoughts, highlighting the fact that the video was taken in August 2020, and simply said “😂 bye.” From there, she then posted a screenshot of her in the same outfit from August 2020, along with a circle around the date in question. Take a look above.


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