Claudia Jordan Responds to Gary Owen’s Wife Over Divorce Allegations


Claudia Jordan responded to Gary Owen’s wife, Kenya Duke, after being accused of being involved in the reason behind Gary and Kenya’s divorce.

Jordan singled out Kenya as the person who pulled her into the divorce drama and said she reached out to Kenya as well as “friends of Kenya so we can talk women-to-women and not play this out in front of everybody.” She denied being Owen’s mistress and having any friends who had an affair with the comedian.

“I have nothing to do with whatever is the reason for their divorce…sometimes people just break up,” Jordan said.

During an Instagram Live session, Jordan revealed she and Owen have been friends for 20 years before stating, “the fact that I’m being dragged into this is stupid and it’s just not true.” She also expressed her desire to “tell the facts” before telling Kenya, “I understand that divorce is difficult, but you don’t have to drag people in.”

Earlier this week, Kenya Dukes revealed that cheating was the reason behind her decision to file for divorce and mentioned Jordan in her since-deleted post. Jordan also responded to the allegations on Twitter and wrote, “I just hope the apology and the back pedal is as loud at the false accusation. That is all. Carry on…. smh.”

Gary Owen and Kenya Dukes are divorcing after 18 years of marriage. The former couple share two children. To hear Claudia Jordan’s response, check out the clip above.

Source: VladTV

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