NBA Youngboy’s Mom CUSSED OUT Wendy Williams For Negatively Commenting On His Arrest

Wendy Williams has sparked some beef with the mother of rapper NBA Youngboy after commenting on his recent pursuit and arrest that went down in Los Angeles this week. Apparently, Wendy had NOTHING kind to say about the father of seven on her “Hot Topics” segment, sparking his mom Sherhonda Gaulden to cuss Wendy out.

The 21-year-old rapper was arrested on a Federal warrant after being caught with illegal guns in 2020 and had to be chased down by police to turn himself in. Sharing her feelings on his arrest, Wendy stated YB was bringing down the property value by running from police and felt he deserved jail.

“He’s got to go to jail.How do you do a hot pursuit. There are innocent people out here. You could have hurt innocent people in your hot pursuit and running through people’s backyards. Nobody wants that. bringing down the property value.”

Continuing, Wendy commented on YoungBoy’s parenting skills, dragging YaYa Mayweather into the gauntlet.

“And how is it that you do what you do with seven kids and only 21-years-old. And I wonder what Yaya Mayweather’s father Floyd [Mayweather] is saying about this.”

Welp! Mama Gaulden wasn’t happy with Wendy’s comment and left THIS message on social media”

“F*ck Wendy Williams around here letting a half dead 90 year old white man suck her d*ck worried about my child stop tagging me in bullsh*t.”

Yikes! You can hit play to hear Wendy go in on Youngboy and his baby mama YaYa, reshared by ItsOnsite. Swipe to see his mom’s message to Wendy.

Mama Sherhonda wasn’t finished with Wendy. Hours after her initial response, she clarified why Wendy’s wonds angered her, seemingly stating she thought Wendy was being bigoted in her comment.

And FYI y’all laughing at Wendy Williams say my child bring the property value down she’s not just talking about my child she’s talking about black in Gerneral because no matter rapper doctor [lawyer] if you’re colored that’s the term they use.

You can watch the entire clip of Wendy’s Hot Topics featuring her take on NBA Youngboy below.


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