Beyoncé’s Storage Units Reportedly Hit By Burglars, Over $1 Million In Goods Stolen

It looks like a few burglars may have gotten away with some of Beyoncé’s belongings after robbing a storage unit, which reportedly consisted of a few of her things.

According to sources, law enforcement sources say that three storage units in Los Angeles filled with Beyoncé’s belongings were hit by burglars twice earlier this month and they were able to get away with a few of her luxury items. The units were reportedly rented out by her production company Parkwood Entertainment.

The site was reportedly told that the missing items that were taken in the first robbery belonged to Beyoncé. The burglars reportedly came back within a week and robbed three storage units within the same facility. Among the items taken were toys, handbags, and even photos that belong to Beyoncé’s stylist.

The site reports that LAPD continues to investigate the incident, but no arrests have been made yet.

Earlier this month, Beyoncé was one of the biggest winners at this year’s Grammy Awards. This year she walked away with a total of four awards, increasing her total wins to 28, making her the only female artist in history to have that number. She is now tied with legendary producer Quincy Jones, who also has 28 Grammy Awards.

Of those awards, she won Best Music Video for “Brown Skin Girl,” which made her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, the second youngest person to win a Grammy Award. Beyoncé has continued to motivate and empower her environment while elevating and uplifting those around her.

Beyoncé nor anyone from her team has addressed the stolen items from the storage unit.

Source: Tyshawn Smith

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