Migos Rumored to Have Beaten Up Justin LaBoy Over Saweetie Interview


The Migos are currently trending on social media as rumors started circulating about the trio getting into a fight with media personality Justin LaBoy in Atlanta.

The rumors come after LaBoy and co-host Justin Combs’ interview with Quavo’s ex-girlfriend, Saweetie, for their show, Respectfully Justin. During her interview, Saweetie — who also dated Justin Combs — spoke on a number of sexual topics including the idea of another man joining her and Quavo.

Quavo and Saweetie broke up after the interview although Justin LaBoy denied that the interview caused the split. However, rumors of an altercation between LaBoy and the Migos started to circulate Monday night. Alleged eyewitnesses say Justin LaBoy was confronted at an Atlanta nightclub and jumped for making fun of Quavo’s breakup. LaBoy previously shared an Instagram post of Saweetie’s face on Drake’s body on the Take Care album cover after Saweetie told Quavo to “take care” during their back and forth on Twitter.

There is presently no video evidence of the attack and Justin LaBoy has continued posting on social media. Neither LaBoy nor the Migos has addressed the rumors.


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