Nia Riley Called Out Fans For Not Cancelling “Whole A** Abusive Clown” Soulja Boy Following Quavo & Saweetie Fight

Nia Riley appeared to be triggered by commentary yesterday after shocking footage of Quavo and Saweetie getting into a physical altercation swept the trending topics. All over the internet, fans (and even a few celebrities) weighed on the topic of abuse and whether or not Quavo was abusing Saweetie in the clip, if it was mutual, and so on, and so forth.

Well, weeks ago Nia Riley described alleged horrific abuse she said to have experienced while in a relationship with rapper Soulja Boy and she called fans out for being fickle as it pertains to calling out alleged famous abusers and protecting women.

Nia tweeted:

“I know y’all don’t gaf about women bc my ex a whole a** abusive known clown and y’all still entertain him. If he can’t get cancelled no1 can.”

Riley then shared images that showed the definition of the word “abuse” along with the “ProtectAllWomen” hashtag. “Let’s normalize NOT normalizing abuse,” she added.

Previously, Nia said Souljah held her hostage, physically abused her, and raped her on more than one occasion throughout their time together as she sat down with Youtuber Tasha K to discuss the abuse she endured during their relationship, some of which was already chronicled during their time on Marriage Boot Camp. In one segment of their conversation, Riley claims her ex-boyfriend was so violent, he caused her to miscarry a pregnancy.

Although Nia’s commentary seemed to be referring to fans not holding Quavo accountable, she denied that was an intended shot at him. In a comment on The Shade, Nia clarified she writes about domestic violence awareness all the time and insinuated that she wasn’t speaking just because it was a hot button topic.



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