Boosie Goes Off After Woman in Airport Mistakes Him for Flavor Flav


Boosie has been in the news a lot recently following his IG account getting deactivated again after he posted a video slapping a man for $554. The rapper has spoken on everything and everyone, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, as well as Quavo and Saweetie’s recent ordeal. Now, Boosie has revealed that an incident in an airport left him upset after a woman misidentified him as a legendary rapper from New York.

Via IG, Boosie posted a video where he spoke on a woman who called him out, saying he was Flavor Flav. However, Boosie seemed to be over that, saying, “I was in the f**king and the lady gon’ talk about ‘FLAVOR FLAV!,’ noting the lady may have called out the rapper because of the red sunglasses he had on, which Flavor Flav has become known for.

Boosie then went in on the lady, saying, “It’s too early for that s**t.” From there, Boosie had a message for Flav, saying, “Flav, you can’t f**k with me man.” Watch above.


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