Joseline Goes Off on Faith Evans’ Claims That They Dated Stevie J Simultaneously


Joseline Hernandez unleashed a fiery response to Faith Evans after the singer claimed she “stepped away” from Stevie J after realizing he was still involved with his ex.

Now married, Stevie and Faith reflected on their relationship during an episode of Behind Every Man. Evans claimed she was hesitant to pursue a relationship with the producer because of his tendency to stay involved with his exes.

“I wasn’t quite sure whether or not he was still involved with this ex,” Faith said. “So, you know when you kind of told me you guys weren’t together and then shortly thereafter finding out that you still kinda were, I think that’s probably when I stepped away because I’m not a man stealer, a homewrecker, you know.”

After a clip showing Evans’ remarks started circulating across social media, Joseline Hernandez denied the R&B artist’s claims and proceeded to make some allegations of her own.

“This old b**** needs to keep the bricks out her way. I ain’t been with that man in 4 years. I’m happily with @balisticbeats,” Joseline responded. “Every time my TV shows bout to drop this ol wore down melted b**** got something to say to stay relevant. B**** you a h*e your own husband told me and my husband last week you cheated on him with young n***** and you do all the time.”

Joseline continued by claiming that Faith’s son almost killed her young daughter that she shares with Stevie J.

“Now talk about your crazy a** kid that almost killed Bonnie under your watch,” she added. “I have your husband on recording begging for my forgiveness cause Bonnie could have gotten killed by that animal you call son. That’s why she’s never been under your care since. B**** go make a song. And FYI you been sucking stevie d*** for years ejem before I dropped his sorry a**. Bye h*e. And go Watch my 3 TV shows that’s are currently playing on national TV and streaming Networks.”

Neither Stevie J nor Faith Evans have responded to Joseline’s remarks.


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