Takeoff Cleared in Sexual Assault Case

Takeoff has reportedly been cleared of the sexual assault allegations brought against him following a party in Los Angeles in August 2020.

The L.A. County District Attorney’s office decided not to pursue charges due to insufficient evidence. Takeoff’s lawyer, Drew Findling, added that his law office spent “countless hours” looking into the incident and found that the Migos member was innocent.

“The allegations were patently and provably false,” Findling said.

The alleged victim claimed that Takeoff stalked her at a party before following her into a bedroom. There, he allegedly pushed her face-down onto the bed and began raping her, and left the room immediately after. Following her allegations, Takeoff proclaimed his innocence.

Despite Takeoff avoiding criminal charges, the alleged victim is still pursuing a civil lawsuit against the rapper.

Source: TMZ

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