JT Defends Lil Uzi Vert, Says Yung Miami Knew “We Was Playing”


Update 04/03/2021 4:44pm:

Previously, Lil Uzi Vert and JT hopped on Instagram Live with Yung Miami, and Uzi and Yung Miami were seen going back-and-forth. While many were unclear of if the two were playing, Southside didn’t take too kindly to the exchange and called out Uzi. Now, JT has defended Uzi and noted that everything is being blown out of proportion.

Via IG Live, JT said, “That was an inside joke. He was literally talking in code and after that said he love her and some mo’ s**t,” said JT. “When did he call her a b***h? Y’all p*ssies on the internet.  A lot of y’all p*ssies on the internet and painting pictures that why I told him he was too turned up. He always turnt up.”

JT went on to note that her and Yung Miami’s mouths are “slick as s**t” and that Yung Miami could have ended the Live if she felt disrespected. Along with that, JT said, “Y’all wanna make it so bad. Let it go. F**k outta here. Y’all be tryin’ to run with these narratives. Get gone.” Watch above.

Original 04/02/2021 10:00am:

Previously, Lil Uzi Vert and Yung Miami of the City Girls hopped on IG live, and Uzi could be heard telling the rapper they don’t have to be friends, saying, “You know me. I ain’t ever gotta see you just like you like you ain’t never gotta see me.” JT of the City Girls can be heard in the background of Uzi’s side, trying to interrupt the rapper. While JT has noted that she put Uzi in his place and also that he was joking, Southside didn’t take too kindly to the way Uzi was speaking to Yung Miami, which led him to hop on IG live and address the Philadelphia rapper.

Southside said, “I’mma say this one time. Ay, Uzi, don’t address none to my b***h, my n***a. You handle your b***h, n***a, you stay on your side.”

He continued saying, “You got one more time to say somethin’. I promise you ima punch your teeth out your mouth. Don’t say nothin’ else, n***a… If you don’t like my b***h, don’t like my b***h. Let them do them… Stay the little weirdo you is, keep rockin’ purses, keep doin’ that b***h sh*t you doin’.” Along with that, Southside spoke of an alleged incident where he stopped Offset and others from robbing the Philadelphia rapper. Watch above.


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