YouTube Declines to Ban YG Song About Robbing Asian People

According to reports, YG recently came under fire after his—“Meet the Flockers” song was pinpointed for having anti-Asian lyrics. The 2014 song goes over how to rob people and noted that Asians are easy targets for burglary. Lyrics in the song say, “First, you find a house and scope it out / Find a Chinese neighborhood / ‘Cause they don’t believe in bank accounts.”

Because of the recent rise in violence against Asians in America, there was backlash against the song, which was brought up on YouTube company message boards. YouTube leaders reportedly agreed to a town hall over the issue and revealed that they wouldn’t be banning YG’s song.

Management from Youtube wrote: We’ll start by saying we find this video to be highly offensive and understand it is painful for many to watch, including many in Trust & Safety and especially given the ongoing violence against the Asian community. One of the biggest challenges of working in Trust & Safety is that sometimes we have to leave up content we disagree with or find offensive.”

They continued to say the removal of the video would “far-reaching implications for other musical content containing similarly violent or offensive lyrics, in genres ranging from rap to rock.” They concluded by saying, “While we debated this decision at length amongst our policy experts, we made the difficult decision to leave the video up to enforce our policy consistently and avoid setting a precedent that may lead to us having to remove a lot of other music on YouTube.”

source: NBC News

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