Ben Baller Speaks Out Against Racism Towards Blacks in the Asian Community

Famous jeweler Ben Baller spoke out against racism towards African Americans within the Asian community amid increasing reports of Asian hate crimes occurring throughout the United States.

Baller seemingly responded to the anti-Black narrative connected to these Asian hate crimes by addressing racism towards Blacks in his own community.

“I’m almost 50. Been around black people my entire lifetime,” Baller wrote in an Instagram comment. “Do I support my yellow people? Of course. Have you seen me post one single thing about Asian hate? Nope. Why? Because a lot of these Asians really are disconnected and got no clue how long our elders have been treating black people BAD in their own hoods.”

The jeweler continued by stating such attitudes “trick down into generations” and that racism starts in households.

“I’m also not saying that it’s ok to just attack a old Asian person. But man racism starts at home,” he added. “My oldest son godfather is black, my lawyer is black. My business manager. I refuse to let me kids to allow this bogus narrative continue in Asian households. I’ve been in the hood all my lifetime and sure I’ve heard some racist jokes but never had a real issue with anyone.”

After his comment started to circulate across, Ben Baller issued a follow-up statement and refused to back down from his initial remarks.

Look below to view his initial comment and follow-up statement.


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