Petey Pablo Says He Learned What Not to Do from Being Around Suge Knight

Petey Pablo recently chopped it up with B High ATL, where he opened up about what he learned from his time being around Suge Knight.

Way back in 2010, Petey told DJ Vlad that despite popular opinion, he was never signed to Death Row. He explained that he and Suge just hung around one another, and in his recent interview, Petey stated that he learned “what not to do” while being around Suge.

Petey explained, “I learned what not to do. That’s a big thing.” He added that he told Suge that he knew about his reputation, and Petey made it clear that he wanted to do business the right way, not the street way. Petey added that he would bow out when Suge would roll with his street dudes.

To hear more, including Petey speak about getting a lot of respect in the industry because of the way he moves, hit the above clip.


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