Reality Star Mehgan James Explains How Her Man Can Cheat “Respectfully”


Former Basketball Wives and Bad Girls Club star Mehgan James made polarizing remarks regarding infidelity during a recent episode of the new reality series, Notorious Queens.

The TV personality revealed that cheating isn’t a dealbreaker for her and said that while she wouldn’t give her boyfriend permission to entertain other women, she believes in “cheating respectfully.”

“So cheating respectfully to me is cheating where I don’t find out, is having control over your other women, is using condoms and not having babies. Cheat respectfully!” James said. “Believe it or not, your man is cheating. But I’m not leaving my man over a one-night stand with a b****, period.”

James explained that she would only leave her man if he was gay, had a baby with another woman, or gave her an STD. After stating that everything else was “work-outable” for her, most of her co-stars disagreed while another agreed and said she could get past infidelity as long as her man didn’t buy another woman gifts and make her feel special.

James and her co-stars discussed dating rich and famous men with some accepting that cheating comes with the lifestyle. She also said cheating is not a sign that a man doesn’t care about his woman.

“I believe a guy can love you and cheat on you,” she said. “I’m sorry, I believe it. Guys are built different than us.”

To hear more of Mehgan James’ thoughts and her co-stars’ reactions, check out the rest of the clip above.


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