Kevin Durant and Draymond Green Clear the Air on Their Infamous Confrontation


Kevin Durant was joined by his former teammate Draymond Green to discuss their infamous on-court confrontation on the latest episode of his The ETCs podcast.

While addressing the topic, Green replayed the heated conversation that two had during the Golden State Warriors matchup against the Los Angeles Clippers in 2018. The argument sparked after Durant chastised Green for not passing him the ball. Green said he told Durant, “Hey, motherf***** I do this too! I was going to give your a** the ball if you weren’t b****ing! I do this too!” before DeMarcus Cousins pulled him away.

“No, that’s bull***,” Green responded to Cousins during the confrontation. “Nobody says s*** to K. All he had to do was f****** run, and I would have pitched him the f****** ball back.”

Durant corroborated Green’s retelling of the incident before the two addressed how Green recruited KD to the Warriors. Green also spoke on the new generation of players in the NBA and called out their lack of competitiveness.

“They soft as hell. I’ve found myself trying to talk s*** to some of these young dudes that won’t talk,” he said. “And they’re like trying to be a friend. That’s what these young dudes do nowadays. I don’t understand it.”

Green later added, “There’s more talent around the league than there’s ever been. From a talent standpoint, the league is in a good space. But as pure basketball lovers — who love competition at the highest level — I think they gotta catch up in that department.”

Listen to the entire episode here.


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