Asian Doll on Her & Kash Doll Squashing Their Beef: “It’s Called Growing Up”

Years ago, Asian Doll and Kash Doll went back and forth via Twitter, with numerous things being said that started a beef between them. Kash Doll went on to say their issues stemmed from a man, and Nicki Minaj even went as far as trying to squash the issues between the two. Since then, both rappers have moved on with their careers, not acknowledging any issues until recently.

Via Twitter, Asian Doll posted photos of her and Kash Doll at an event, seemingly speak to each other with all smiles and hugs. The photo made it clear that the two moved past their issues, but one person on Twitter responded to Asian Doll, saying, “Now Asian…”

The rapper gave her take on why they resolved their differences, saying, “It’s called growing up I literally don’t want no drama with nobody 💯 It was good seeing her tho frfr look how far we came I’m going through too much to be beefing over nothing 💯.” Take a look above.


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