Jimmy Wopo murder suspect pleads guilty in federal RICO case

a man who is smiling and looking at the cameraIndicted in 2018, Griffin admitted Wednesday in a video hearing that he was a member of the 11 Hunnit gang and that he conspired with Sydney Pack, Richard Kelly and others in a pattern of racketeering that included murder, robbery and drug dealing.

Griffin acknowledged his personal participation in furtherance of the RICO conspiracy, prosecutors said, including the shootings of rival gangsters in January and October 2016 as well as illegal possession of guns and fentanyl.

Griffin also acknowledged participating along with other gang members in rap videos designed to intimidate other gangs and enhance 11 Hunnit’s reputation for violence.

Wopo, the stage name for Travon Smart, was killed in June 2018. He was not among those charged in the RICO case but was identified extensively in the indictment as a leader who directed others to shoot and rob rivals, including gangsters belonging to the “Wavy Boyz.”

The RICO case accused 11 Hunnit members of conspiracy to commit murder, drug distribution and other crimes dating to 2015.

Kelly and Pack are identified as leaders along with Wopo, who agents said had special influence because of his rap videos.

The gang’s name is a combination of two blocks in the Hill where the members live — the 800 block of Memory Lane and the 300 block of Burrows Street. The two numbers were combined to come up with 11 Hunnit. Judge Bissoon said she will sentence Griffin in August. He faces up to 20 years in federal prison.

Cases against Kelly, Pack and other accused members of the gang are pending in U.S. District Court.

Source: Tyshawn Smith

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