Update: VA Police Officer Who Pepper Sprayed Army Lieutenant Fired


Update 04/12/2021 9:10am:

Footage previously surfaced showing an Army Lieutenant being pulled over by cops, with eh police pulling guns on Lt. Caron Nazario, eventually pepper-spraying the man to the ground. The ordeal resulted in Nazario suing the police. Now, one of the officers involved in the incident with Nazario has reportedly been fired.

Officer Joe Gutierrez was fired after the incident, which reportedly took place on December 5 in Windsor, Virginia. A statement was issued by the city of Windsor, who called out the “unfortunate events that transpired.” After an internal investigation was conducted, Windsor noted Gutierrez didn’t follow department policy.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam spoke on the incident with Nazario and police, saying it was “disturbing.” Along with that, he said, “I am inviting Army medic Lieutenant Caron Nazario to meet soon—we must all continue the larger dialogue about reform in our country.”

Original 04/11/2021 5:29pm:

Recently, footage surfaced of an Army Lieutenant that was pulled over by cops. The police could be seen pulling guns on Lt. Caron Nazario while the man’s hands were visibly in their sight. The police screamed at him to get out of the car, which he didn’t do. From there, police could be seen pepper spraying the man to the ground. The police didn’t let up on him and continued telling him to be quiet. Now, Nazario is suing the police.

Since then, Jeezy has chimed in with his thoughts on the unfortunate viral incident. Via Instagram, Jeezy posted the entire ordeal and said: “What part of this is protecting and serving. After you went and fought for the country. It’s like they wanted to take his masculinity to feed egos!! Let’s see what the government do about this. I see no threat, only a man that was confused and understood protocol.”

Jeezy continued, saying, “He asked the right questions. They didn’t have any answers. Shits break my heart to see a grown manhandled like an animal. Only in America.”


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