Lil Snupe’s Father Visits His Grave After Spending 20 Years in Prison


The father of late rapper Lil Snupe, Charlie Brown, documented visiting his grave after recently being released from prison.

In the video, Brown states, “I been holding this sh*t right here since 2013. Held this shit eight years in the pen. I had to hold it in.” Brown wasn’t pleased with Lil Snupe’s gravestone when he arrived, and he stated that Jay-Z or Meek Mill, who Snupe was signed to when he was shot and killed, should’ve got a monument erected.

Brown stated, “Ain’t been no rappers down here that was f**king with Lil Snupe? One of them n***as in the rap game? One of them major ass n***as? Y’all dudes say y’all solid, man. … Snupe wouldn’t have did y’all like that, bruh.”


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