Benzino Calls Out Coi Leray After She Tweets She Loves Him

Benzino and his daughter Coi Leray’s relationship seemed to be moving in a positive direction despite a heated, public exchange between the two last month.

After Coi Leray criticized her father in her song, “No More Parties,” Benzino accused her of spreading lies about him which prompted a back-and-forth on social media. Despite the fallout, Coi Leray tweeted, “I love my dad forever and always,” earlier this week.

However, Benzino questioned his daughter’s motives and labeled her most recent remarks as “fake love.”

“Fake love will make you hate love,” he tweeted. “So not only is the internet the place to tell someone you got beef, but it’s [also] the place to tell someone you love them? How bout using the same phone for the keypad and call button. S**** fake asf.”

Benzino followed up his tweets by calling out those who criticized his refusal to accept his daughter’s supposed olive branch.

“It’s funny how all the internet people react emotionally when you make a comment in your best interest but since it’s not what they want to hear or how they see it then they attack,” Benzino wrote. “They don’t even know you or the situation. Each one of y’all can suck covid d*** and take a nap.”

Coi Leray has not responded to Benzino’s recent posts. Look Below to view Benzino and Coi Leray’s tweets.



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