Surveillance Footage Shows Aaron Donald Pulling Mob Away During Assault


Update 04/16/2021 1:44pm:

Surveillance footage of Aaron Donald’s alleged assault against DeVincent Spriggs appears to show the NFL All-Pro did the opposite of what he’s accused of.

Donald’s attorney, Casey White, previously claimed they obtained surveillance footage that proved the LA Rams defensive tackle did not assault Spriggs. The attorney claimed Spriggs waited for Donald outside of the club after a minor conflict resulted in him getting kicked out. Once Donald exited the club, Spriggs allegedly tried to attack Donald with a bottle.

“Mr. Spriggs starts walking toward Aaron and he’s yelling and he’s drunk and he’s aggressive,” White said. “And, Aaron sees something in his right hand, and first he thinks it’s a gun. But, it’s actually a bottle, a long liquor bottle. In fact, [Spriggs] swings with his right hand, Aaron ducks. The bottle grazes the top of Aaron’s head…he has a lump on his head from the bottle.”

Afterward, White said Donald’s brother and others rushed in and jumped Spriggs while the NFL superstar was restrained. Surveillance footage shows the attack take place until Donald rushes in to try and push the mob away from Spriggs before being pulled away from the scene. Donalds’s attorney added that investigators sent an email informing him that they had no evidence showing Donald assaulted Spriggs.

“He actually saved Mr. Spriggs from further injury,” White said. “It’s fantastic, from a defense attorney’s perspective, to be honest with you.”

Source: TMZ

Original 04/14/2021 1:08pm:

Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald is facing assault charges after allegedly hitting a man last weekend.

Pittsburgh attorney Todd Hollis revealed that he’s prepared to press charges against Aaron on behalf of De Vincent Spriggs. TMZ reports that Aaron assaulted Spriggs after the man bumped into him in a nightclub, and when they were both kicked out, Hollis claims Aaron attacked Spriggs outside.

Hollis claims Spriggs suffered “severe trauma,” a broken eye socket, broken nose, and needed 16 stitches as a result of the incident. He adds that Spriggs was treated for his injuries at a local hospital immediately afterward.

Source: TMZ

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