YNW Melly’s Manager Talks Rumors of Turning Over Evidence Against Rapper


YNW Melly’s manager Track made an appearance on VladTV where he spoke about the King Von incident, Quando Rondo, NBA Youngboy, and more. Now, Track has recently spoken to DJ Akademiks and addressed rumors that he turned over evidence against the rapper.

Rumors noted that Track allegedly had a part in YNW Melly being locked up, which he refuted. While speaking to Akademiks, Track said, “Bro, Melly clearly turned himself in. Obviously, no one’s in jail because of me. If a situation happened where it’s a lot of things unraveling– you got the police, you got the detectives, you got the prosecutors, you got everybody trying to figure things out– I’m Melly’s day-to-day manager. When these incidents happen, of course, the first person they’re gonna put a microscope on is me. I’m with him every day. I’m moving him around. When they came, they came not only for suspects, they tried to, of course, throw me in there.”

He continued, noting he didn’t tell detectives anything. Track said, “I found out the next morning when the world found out. I was actually chillin’, I was playing 2K at the crib, enjoying being home. The next morning, I found out the same thing that happened when you guys found out. But due to certain situations that was already previously situated, like shows, travel, videos, we ended up going right back to it.”

Track went on to say that nothing that was asked for was handed over willingly, as police had warrants. The manager said, “If you clearly look, then you can see, they came to my house, they had a warrant, they broke down my door, took items. You have other individuals that’s cooperating with the police that’s saying, ‘Track was involved. He had the weapons. He got rid of this.’ Which are all theories, of course. It’s just unfortunate because my name is getting dragged into it all around the board.” Watch above.

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