Kash Doll Says She Trolled Kevin Durant Into Thinking His Fans Jumped Her

Previously, Kash Doll and Kevin Durant went back and forth over who the KD nickname belongs to after he called out the rapper for a tweet she posted using the initials. Now, Kash Doll revealed she trolled the NBA star into thinking his fans put hands on her because of their Twitter exchange.

Via Twitter, Kash Doll said, “Y’all I FaceTimed Kevin Durant last night on set while my (black eye and bloody nose make up was on) and told him his fans did that to me bc of the KD argument. Y’all should’ve seen his face!!! He was so concerned until I started laughing, then he hung up.”

From there, she said, “I gotta grow up!,” and also noted that 50 Cent was present when they were on the phone call. Kash Doll also noted what Durant’s response was to her before hanging up, with Durant saying, “That’s yo problem you play too much.” Take a look above.


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