Bobby Shmurda Speaks on Rappers Wasting Time on Beefing


Even before his release from prison, it was clear that Bobby Shmurda was on a new path and was sticking to his plan once released. Now, since being out of prison, Bobby has been moving forward and diving back into his career. Recently while sitting down with Maino, Bobby gave some sound advice to young artists who are trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry, and gave insight from his own experiences along the way.

Bobby spoke on taking advantage of the opportunities placed in front of him, saying, “I wanted to really be serious sometimes and let kids know the opportunities they got. S**t where we’re coming from ’cause now, all these young rappers are dying. All the s**t out here right now. N***as thinking that s**t cool, bruh. That s**t like, who becomes—you come from the street my n***a.”

Bobby questioned if a rapper could maintain the street lifestyle while trying to move forward with their career. Maino noted that he feels they can, but Bobby had a different take on the situation.

He concluded his thought by saying, “I don’t want to call these names, but you know how these n***as is. They act like all this crazy s**t but once they get locked up or once anything happen—that’s why I tell them when you get to this Rap life, you better appreciate that sh*t. Especially where we come from.” Watch above.


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