CJ Says 22Gz & Bizzy Banks Can “Both Suck My D**k Respectfully”


Rising New York rapper CJ has dealt with a number of critics since gaining buzz with his hit, “Whoopty.” One of his most vocal detractors is fellow New York rapper 22Gz, who said CJ gave him 6ix9ine “vibes.”

When asked about his reason for dissing CJ, 22Gz accused the rapper of taking his style and not “tapping in.” Similarly, Brooklyn rapper Bizzy Banks accused CJ of stealing his flow and lyrics.

“That CJ n**** need to give me my credit no cap .. n**** jacking my lingo & flow I’m tired of not getting the recognition I deserve. I started this new wave of drill rap let’s talk about it,” Bizzy wrote in his Instagram Story.

CJ responded to both rappers on Instagram Live and called them out for taking shots at him in recent weeks.

“I don’t really like doing this because we all from the town, we all from New York but, at the end of the day, them n***** mentioned my name first,” CJ said. “So when I make my lil songs and I make my lil comments n s***, it’s a problem, right? Listen, them n***** could both suck my d*** respectfully. And I’ll say it again and I’ma keep saying it. Y’all n***** can’t stand a chance against me bruh.”

CJ continued by bragging about his career being more successful than the two rappers’ despite only being “8 months in.” After admitting he’s seen their disses and comments, he challenged both rappers to a fight.

“Let’s set it up. N***** could really get in the ring and box,” he added. “Y’all n***** is small bro, y’all body ain’t built like that. Y’all n***** got no muscle, none of that. Twigs! I’ll really break y’all n***** up. C’mon man, y’all n***** don’t wanna do that. F*** a gun, f*** the gang s***. It’s easy to pick up a gun and shoot somebody. It take a lot for a n***** to really step in the ring with a n**** and really box.”

To hear more of what CJ had to say to 22Gz and Bizzy Banks, check out the rest of the above clip.


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