Kodak Black Artist Syko Bob Targeted in Broad Daylight Shootout

Three people were treated and released from a Florida hospital after a shooting in broad daylight caused several crashes and injuries on Monday.

When police arrived at the scene yesterday afternoon, they found abandoned vehicles and shell casings. The shootout reportedly happened when a black BMW started shooting at a tan car. The tan car started driving recklessly to avoid the gunfire before its occupants started shooting back. The BMW eventually drove away but police believe at least four vehicles were involved in the crashes.

A witness by the name of Tristan Johnson drove the three occupants of the tan vehicle to the hospital. One of the victims was rapper and friend of Kodak Black, Syko Bob.

“I could hear one of the guys, you could hear the blood in his throat like as he’s talking so I’m trying to hurry up and get there,” Johnson said. “If it was me and someone shot me and I needed help I would want someone to take me as well.”

After the shooting, Syko Bob addressed the encounter in an Instagram live post and let his viewers know he was doing fine after the incident. Earlier this month, Kodak Black was targeted by shooters at a McDonald’s parking lot in Tallahassee, Florida.

The police have moved forward with their investigation despite the victims’ refusal to cooperate. According to Lt. Michael Santiago, it’s too early to determine a motive and police have no information on a suspect.

Source: Sun-Sentinel

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