Louisiana State Rep. Suggests Teaching ‘Good’ of Slavery During Debate

During a debate over an education bill, a Louisiana state representative suggested that schools teach the “good” of slavery.

“If you’re having a discussion on, whatever the case may be, on slavery, then you can talk about everything dealing with slavery, the good the bad the ugly,” said Rep. Ray Garofalo.

Garofalo’s Republican colleague Rep. Stephanie Hilferty responded, “There’s no good to slavery, though.” The Louisiana Democratic Party Twitter account shared the exchange between Garofalo and Hilferty. It was captioned, “The low point of session undoubtedly came today when Rep. Ray Garofalo said Louisiana schools need to teach the good of slavery.”

The bill Garofalo was pushing for calls for whitewashing history and did not pass on Tuesday. However, there is still a possibility for the debate to be revisited in the future.

Source: twitter.com

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