Rare Interview: Mr. Magic, Owner Of Atlanta’s Famed “Magic City,” Sits Down With Cam Newton For ‘Smoke N’ Sip’ [Video]

Mr. Magic, the owner of Atlanta’s top gentleman’s club Magic City, joins Cam Newton for his latest episode of Sip N’ Smoke, where they talk about the start of Magic City and drop gems for entrepreneurs.


Mr. Magic is a rather elusive person: we all know he founded what many people call the greatest strip club on earth, Magic City, but he rarely does interviews. However, when he does sit down for a conversation, everyone, no matter the industry, is all ears to try and learn a thing or two from the OG.

This week, he sat down for a rare interview with Cam Newton on his BET show “Sip N’ Smoke, and to start off the conversation, he revealed that  Magic City has been in business since late 1985, just so you understand how long he’s been around and how much his business has endured. This timestamp makes the business older than the majority of its customers and a business that has touched just as many generations as your favorite fast-food spot.

In the interview, Mr. Magic gives credit to Deion Sanders and Dominique Wilkins for being the first celebrities to come and enjoy the club, and before long Deion brought the likes of MC Hammer and others to the club. Mr. Magic also discusses the importance of the Gucci Mane Vs Jeezy Verzuz battle being filmed at Magic City and explained that Apple Music and Pee from Quality Control made everything happen despite the real-life beef between the artists.  Mr. Magic also offers this bar:


“Sometimes flexing your muscle can mess up your check.”

You can watch the full interview with the legend below.


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