Update: Kodak Black Speaks on the Plea Deal in His Sexual Conduct Case


Update 04/28/2021 7:27pm:

Kodak Black spoke on his sexual conduct case after news broke about him pleading guilty to a lesser charge of first-degree assault and battery.

Kodak Black announced on Twitter that the five-year case was finally behind him and didn’t result in him having to pay money to his accuser nor register as a sex offender.

“5 yrs later … both us just wanted to get this s*** over wit AND I ain’t have to come off no money,” Kodak tweeted. “Ain’t gotta register as a sex offender or nun , s*** that’s a play if you ask me lol y’all got me f***** up I ain’t dat freaky homie.”

The rapper continued by maintaining his innocence and sending kind words to victims of sex crimes.

“Y’all b wanting a n**** to go out sad homie wishing bad on a real n**** I never seen it work,” he added. “My heart goes out to all the girls out here getting raped and s*** FORREAL , But I Ain’t Did That S***.”

As a result of his plea deal, Kodak Black was given a 10-year suspended prison sentence and was placed on 18 months of probation. While he won’t have to wear an ankle monitor, he must let his probation officer know where he goes and where he lives. Also, he will not be allowed to use drugs, drink alcohol, or have guns as he completes his probation.

Original 04/28/2021 5:43pm:

Kodak Black has reached a plea deal in his sexual assault case stemming from a February 2016 incident.

The alleged victim claimed the Florida rap star raped her in a hotel room after his performance in South Carolina. A high school student at the time but still no longer a minor, she claimed Kodak Black forced her to have sex despite her telling him “no” and “stop.” She also said Kodak bit her neck and right breast when she revealed her injuries to a nurse at Richmond County High School.

As a result of the allegation, Kodak Black was indicted for first-degree criminal sexual conduct and was released after posting a $100,000 bond.

Now, the rapper has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of first-degree assault and battery. He was facing 30 years but the plea agreement brought the sentence down to 10 years, which was suspended for 18 months of probation. In addition to his guilty plea and apologizing to the victim, Kodak Black must also undergo counseling.

Source: AllHipHop

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