Blueface Gets Cursed Out By BM During Live Stream for Missing Son’s Party


Blueface was cursed out by the mother of his son for while on Twitch streamer Adin Ross’ stream with DDG. The mother’s anger was over the rapper’s decision to blow off his son’s birthday party in order to appear on the popular live stream.

While on Twitch, Blueface received a call from the mother of his son, who was heard yelling as Blueface laughed her off. The rapper put his son’s mother on speakerphone as she started cursing him out after he told her he was on Twitch.

“I don’t give a f*** what you’re on,” the mother is heard saying as DDG and Adin Ross looked shocked. “What does that have to do with your son’s birthday and you’re over here f****** around and embarrassing me in front of every f****** body?”

When the rapper apologized and said he was on his way, she became angrier as Blueface seemed more amused before taking her off speakerphone. As the conversation carried on, he tried rushing her off the phone by continuously saying he was on his way.

Despite telling the mother he was on his way, he stayed on the stream until she called again and asked him he cared that he “just f***** up your whole son’s birthday” to be on Twitch. Once again, Blueface seemed amused and brushed her off by saying he doing “promotional business stuff.” He also told her he “was just in the damn Power Rangers suit” before the call ended and he left the stream.

In the end, it looked like Blueface made it to his son’s birthday party as they were spotted together in later social media posts. Take a look at the above clip for the full exchange.


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