LAPD Union Reportedly Wants NBA to Investigate LeBron James

Previously, LeBron James spoke on the tragic Ma’Khia Bryant incident, where the young girl was shot and killed by police on the same day that former cop Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd. James took to Twitter to call out the officer who shot Bryant, saying “YOU’RE NEXT #Accountability,” before deleting the tweet due to backlash he faced.

Many police officers didn’t respond well to the tweet, with some saying James was inciting violence against cops with the words. Recently, the Los Angeles Police Protective League sent a letter to the NBA, requesting that the NBA investigate James for his deleted tweet towards officer Nicholas Reardon.

While on Fox News, Detective James McBride—a member of the board of directors for the LAPPL, said James was a “hypocrite.” Along with that, McBride accused James of “inciting violence towards police officers.” McBride went on to say, “LeBron James sent that tweet out to over fifty million followers to incite violence is basically what that tweet did.” The officer concluded by saying, “…No officer wants to take a life, but I’ll tell you one thing, that officer saved a life, and he’s a hero.” As of now, the NBA has not responded. Stay tuned for more details.

source: KGW 8

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