Yung Miami Says “Ima Cheat” If She Finds Out Her Man Has a Small Penis

The City Girls were the guests on a new episode of “Respectfully Justin,” where the duo was unfiltered while opening up on their past and present relationships.

Yung Miami and JT talked about their respective boyfriends Southside and Lil Uzi Vert splurging on them and explained why broke men don’t deserve sex.

“They mad at life,” JT explained. “They mad they s*** ain’t going the way it’s supposed to go. They always got an attitude, so I don’t want no n**** who ain’t got no money and a mutha****** attitude f***** on me putting them negative a** spirits in my life.”

However, before that remark, Yung Miami was asked how she would react if she found out her man had a small penis once they reached a sexual stage in their relationship.

“Ima cheat,” the rapper simply responded as she and the audience members laughed.

She gave her response even after hosts Justin Combs and Justin LaBoy noted that the hypothetical boyfriend treated her right and offered her a comfortable lifestyle. The interview continued with the City Girls speaking more about dating, relationships, and what defines a “city girl.”

To hear Yung Miami’s response, check out the above clip.


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