Michel’le Denies Claims That She Reportedly Caught Dr. Dre With A Man


Previously, Death Row Records producer Kurt Kobane sat down with ‘The Art of Dialogue’ and spoke about his time at the storied record label run by Suge Knight. Kobane ran down the line and shared interesting stories from his time at the label.

While speaking about Dr. Dre, the producer bought up Michel’le, who allegedly revealed to Tupac that she caught Dre and another man together in bed. Kurt Kobane claimed that Suge Knight and Tupac were curious as to if Dr. Dre had “done anything gay” after rumors started circulating about the legendary producer. Kobane then said that Michel’le allegedly talked about an instance where she made a phone call to her bedroom, and a man answered the phone. Along with that, Kobane claims Michel’le called the producer a “f****t.”

Since then, Michel’le has addressed the claims made by Kobane, noting they are false. Michel’le noted that she had many talks with Tupac during the time they spent, but none of them ever were related to Dr. Dre’s sexual preferences. The singer went on to say that she was “shocked” people would “make something like that up.” Take a look above.


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